What are the external measurements of a single tetra shed® unit?

A single unit has a hexagonal footprint of 10.4m² (4m at its widest) and an overall height of 3.3m.

Do I need Planning Permission for a tetra shed® in my garden?

In most UK cases, you will be able to install your chosen single tetra shed® on your property without the need to apply for Planning Permission, however, if your chosen tetra shed® exceeds certain size limits or you live in a Conservation Area, you may need to apply for Planning Permission.

As architects, the tetra shed® team can carry out any planning applications for you.

How is tetra shed® available in the UK?

You can choose to have your tetra shed® unit delivered:

  1. pre-assembled and either positioned on site by the delivery hiab lorry or by a separate crane, provided there is sufficient access. Upto 3 joined tetra shed® units can be delivered this way,
  2. as whole wall panels for assembly on site with moving and lifting equipment and
  3. as handleable panels for site assembly by as few as 2 people

Is tetra shed® available outside the UK?

Absolutely. Within Europe, your tetra shed® can be delivered as option b) and c) above and for the rest of the world, as option c) above.

How much is a single tetra shed® unit?

This all depends on your chosen specifications. Prices start from as little as £6,950 for an unfurnished unit, softwood internal finish, skylight and clad in plywood for self finishing.
All standard fitout options are supplied with an internal cavity (to run cables, fit sockets/switches, recessed LED lighting and built in speakers) concealed behind an internal lining of your choice. The softwood internal finish option is not supplied with a cavity and separate internal lining.

You can choose from 3 standard optional extras:

  1. LED task lighting; dimmable direct lighting illuminating a specific area, such as over the desk in the garden office fitout
  2. LED ambient lighting; dimmable indirect general room/mood lighting illuminating a part or all of the internal space
  3. under floor heating and
  4. built in wall speakers

Free downloadable apps will enable you to control the lighting and heating in your tetra shed® on both iOS and Android devices.

Is tetra shed® for inside or outside use?

Exceeding UK Building Regulations, tetra shed® has been designed primarily for permanent outdoor use so the specifications and prices are based on this, however, indoor specifications are available on request. Typically, expect a cost reduction of around 10 – 20% on matching indoor versions of external configuration prices.

Can I build my own tetra shed®?

Yes. Handleable panels of no more than 50kg each have been designed primarily for self assembly.

What fittings and finishes can I choose for my tetra shed®?

There are multiple standard options available to choose from for the fitout, internal finishes, windows and cladding. If what you want is not offered as standard here, please contact the tetra shed® design team via the contact page with your specific requirements.

I want to power my tetra shed® with renewable energy?

Excellent! and this is something we can assist you with.

From placing an order, how soon can I get my tetra shed®?

We can guarantee the UK delivery of your tetra shed® within 3 months but your unit could be with you in as little as 6 weeks, depending on your chosen specifications. Further afield, we will aim to deliver your tetra shed® to you as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, ideally well within 5 months. We will be able to confirm the details upon receipt of the delivery address of your order.

Are foundations required?

Each tetra shed® sits on a raised plinth which is provided as standard which should sit on prepared and level ground. Details of the site preparation required for various site and ground conditions are available on request

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